Adelaide Log Cabin Base

Adelaide Log Cabin Base

Total Price: £279.99


A simple and lightweight base perfect for your log cabin. Gravel can be poured into the plastic foundation to support the log cabin structure. This base allows for plenty of ventilation underneath the log cabin as the base is slightly raised above ground, and flood damage is avoided.

Made from 100% recycled plastic this base is both strong and durable and is the ideal alternative to messy and unattractive concrete. Each plastic square is simply interlocked together and it is easy to move if necessary.

The only preparation required prior to installing this base is to clear and prepare a firm and level area of ground just larger than the area required for the log cabin.

A permeable membrane is included to avoid weeds from growing through the log cabin base and attacking your log cabin.

The Adelaide log cabin base kit includes 49 squares. Each square measures 500 x 500mm.

Please note - Gravel and installation is not included with this base kit.
Product Code: BSD475