Charentes Underfloor Heating

Charentes Underfloor Heating

Total Price: £829.99


This underfloor electric heating system provides an energy efficient way of heating the Charentes Log Cabin and quickly heats to an optimum temperature in just three minutes.

An advanced digital thermostat makes it easy to control the temperature and it will provide a uniform heat level. When compared with radiators the underfloor electric heating system runs at a much lower temperature but still provides essential heating, whilst it also doesn't take up any valuable floor space like a radiator.

The flat ribbon design is very slimline giving it a height profile of just 1.8mm which makes it perfect for placing underneath a floor covering such as carpet, laminate, wood or slate.

It should be used in conjunction with either carpet or laminate wood flooring, this system can last for many years with little maintenance required.

Please note - An electricity supply is required within the cabin for powering the underfloor heating.
Product Code: BSD449