Marlborough Underfloor Heating

Marlborough Underfloor Heating

Total Price: £669.99


The Marlborough is a spacious and practical cabin combining recreational space with storage. Therefore when it comes to heating your cabin, you do not want to have to lose precious internal space to a bulky radiator or standalone heater. We have a great space saving solution in the form of our underfloor heating.

Closely packed strips are placed upon the cabin floor and then covered in carpet or laminate flooring (not included), discreetly hiding the underfloor electric heating from view, whilst warming the entire cabin floor space.

We all feel the cold through our feet so the floor is one of the best places to have a heating system, and with heat rising, the whole cabin will be comfortably warm and easily controllable with a wall thermostat.

An electricity supply is required within the cabin for powering the underfloor electric heating and it must be installed by a Part P qualified electrician.

This underfloor heating must be installed during construction.
Product Code: BSD444