Mornington 5 x 5m Underfloor Heating

Mornington 5 x 5m Underfloor Heating

Total Price: £939.99


The Mornington 5 x 5 is one of the largest log cabins in our range. You might think that it too large a building to keep heated, but with our thin underfloor heating you can experience and maintain a comfortable level of warmth throughout the year!

The system consists of closely packed strips laid across the top of the entire log cabin floor, and then covered with carpet or laminate flooring. This way the underfloor heating can discreetly heat the whole cabin from floor to ceiling without taking up extra floor space, unlike a radiator or standalone heater.

It is connected to a digital thermostat attached to the cabin wall, making use quick and easy. We advise the use of a Part P qualified electrician to safely install the system.

The thin underfloor heating is both versatile and energy efficient as it requires minimal maintenance, can last for a number of years and the temperature is adjustable so you can get the right amount of warmth for you!
Product Code: BSD452