Provence Underfloor Heating

Provence Underfloor Heating

Total Price: £324.99


This flat ribbon underfloor heating mat heats to optimum temperature within just three minutes and is perfect for heating your cabin all year round whilst avoiding the need to install a heavy storage heater or radiator.

The temperature of the ribbons are easily controlled by an advanced digital thermostat. The ribbons within the mat are wide and close together so they don't need to heat up to such a high temperature to provide plenty of heat, making this thin underfloor heating very energy efficient and saving you money.

The system should be used with either a carpet or laminate wood flooring (not included). The thin underfloor heating should be laid on top of the log cabin floor with the carpet or laminate on top of it.

Please note - An electricity supply is required within the cabin for powering the underfloor heating.
Product Code: BSD450