Roussillion Underfloor Heating

Roussillion Underfloor Heating

Total Price: £939.99


The Roussillion is one of the largest log cabins in our range therefore you might think it would be quite difficult to keep heated. Not with our underfloor heating mats!

Unlike a standalone heaters and radiators that are placed in specific areas and take up space, our underfloor heating mats are simply laid in closely packed strips across the entire log cabin floor and then covered with either carpet or laminate flooring (not included). Therefore heat is spread comfortably around the whole cabin, and is not easily lost through windows or doors.

Therefore you can be rest assured that your spacious cabin will be comfortably heated throughout the year!

Please note - A Part P electrician is needed to help install this heating, in order to safely connect it to the wall mounted thermostat for easy use.
Product Code: BSD446