Seddon Log Cabin Base

Seddon Log Cabin Base

Total Price: £309.99


Avoid the hassle of laying a concrete base with this lightweight and simple to install plastic log cabin base. Made from 100% recycled plastic this base is eco friendly and durable. 10mm pea gravel can be poured into the square grids to further support the structure of your log cabin and provide better drainage and ventilation underneath the cabin.

The interlocking design of this base makes it very easy to fix together and only requires minimal preparation. A firm level area of ground needs to be prepared prior to installing the base.

A sheet of permeable membrane is included with this kit to prevent weeds growing underneath your log cabin which can be cut and folded to size.

The plastic grids can be cut to size if necessary using a handsaw.

This base kit includes 54 squares. Each square measures 500 x 500mm.

Please note - gravel and installation are not included with this log cabin base kit.
Product Code: BSD477