Virginia Log Cabin Base

Virginia Log Cabin Base

Total Price: £369.99


A lightweight and strong base perfect for using as the foundation for the Virginia Log Cabin. This base provides a simple and durable alternative to a traditional concrete base.

The interlocking design of this log cabin base makes it simple to install. The installation of this base involves laying the grids onto a firm, level area of land and then interlocking them using the Ecopins provided. Gravel can be added to the grids to give extra strength and aid drainage underneath the log cabin.

A large piece of Geotextile permeable membrane is included which should be laid underneath the grids.

The grids can be easily trimmed using a handsaw to resize them if necessary.

This log cabin base kit includes 63 squares. Each square measures 500 x 500mm.

Please note - Gravel and installation are not included with this base.
Product Code: BSD474