LED 3000 Lumen Bulb

LED 3000 Lumen Bulb

SKU BSD19800
Total Price: £5.99


Here is this fantastic LED Solar Light bulb that will suit any SolarHub outdoor lighting kit.

Whether you are purchasing this LED Solar Light bulb as a replacement for a broken bulb or you simply wish to add another bulb to your lighting, this is the needed bulb for you. The bulb is a very powerful 300 Lumen LED light bulb that will offer the same quality lighting as a mains powered light. This is what makes it an excellent seller and thanks to being solar powered, will never cost you any money in terms of electricity bill.

The LED Solar Light bulb is very efficient and runs via a 2.5m cable from the central battery power hub. This cable will need to be purchased additionally if you are looking to increase the amount of bulbs running from your solar hub. Remember, the more bulbs added the less quantity of light will be delivered throughout the day due to the higher amount of electricity used. If your light bulb has blown and you are out of the warranty period than this light bulb is the one required in order to restore lighting to your workshop.

Fitting the LED Solar Light bulb is incredibly easy, just as it was to install in the first place. The LED Solar Light bulb fits to the ceiling socket (order separately) and then once connected to the central hub, light will be restored.

As standard, a two-year warranty comes alongside the Light bulb offering increased value for money.

Product Code: BSD19800