LED 3000 Lumen Light Strip

LED 3000 Lumen Light Strip

SKU BSD19799
Total Price: £14.99


This LED Solar Light strip is an extremely powerful lighting source that offers mains quality lighting.

The LED Solar Light strip contains 300 lumens which creates plenty of light for your outdoor building. Depending on what Solar Hub Kit you purchase you will either receive 1, 2 or 4 with the kit. You may decide that you wish to add another LED Solar Light strip to your package for additional rooms that you may have in your workshop or shed. Remember however if you do wish to add an extra LED Solar Light strip then you will need an extension cable to connect the light to the other light strip. You may also be purchasing this strip if you have accidently damaged one of yours or it has stopped working.

The LED Solar Light strip is incredibly easy to fit, just as it was originally with the Solar pack. Once fitted you can connect it to the central power hub which will then light up the strip. However please remember, adding more Light Strips will reduce the total amount of time the lights can last as more power is required overall.

As standard a two year warranty comes with the LED Solar Light strip giving you peace of mind!

Product Code: BSD19799