LED Expandable Bulb Holder

LED Expandable Bulb Holder

SKU BSD19801
Total Price: £5.99


The LED Solar light socket is a handy fitting that allows you to fit the light bulb to the ceiling as well as allowing you to add a standard lampshade to the 300 lumen Solar light bulb.

The LED Solar light socket uses a standard E27 fitting which allows you to screw in the powerful light bulb and offer safe and renewable lighting inside your shed or workspace.

The LED Solar light socket also comes with a handy ring that supports lampshades which allow you to control the amount of light overall and reduce the stress on your eyes over long periods.

This LED Solar light socket is required in order to add additional LED Light bulbs to your shed and has the cables needed in order to connect it to the hub. Fitting it is incredibly easy and once hanging will keep it stuck in place for time to come.

As standard a two year warranty comes with your LED Solar light socket meaning you have added peace of mind overall.

Product Code: BSD19801