Metal Wall Bracket for all SolarHub

Metal Wall Bracket for all SolarHub's

SKU BSD19802
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This handy Solar light wall bracket allows you to fix your central Solar Hub into place meaning that it cannot move or be knocked during use inside your shed or workshop.

The Solar light wall bracket is a clever bracket that is not standard with the SolarHub kits. This bracket is made from a strong metal that is then drilled into the wall or onto a surface inside the shed of which you then attach the hub too. This prevents accidents as well as keeping it protected overall. The Solar light wall bracket will support all size Solar Hubs and we recommend that you do add one as it can prevent breakages.

Fitting the bracket is incredibly easy and once fitted will keep the hub secure for many years to come. No complex tools are required and instructions are sent with delivery which shows you just how easy it is to fit.

Product Code: BSD19802