SolarHub Mains Charger

SolarHub Mains Charger

SKU BSD19805
Total Price: £29.99


This convenient SolarHub mains charger is a great investment, allowing you to charge the battery inside your SolarHub to give you power when sometimes it’s hard to generate.

During the winter months, sun light levels are often limited. Some days during harsh weather, no sun is seen at all. Therefore, your shed and workspace will often be dark due no energy being produced throughout the day. However, this handy SolarHub Mains charger removes all of that hassle, allowing you to charge the battery inside the hub so that you always have power. The SolarHub mains charger can be plugged inside the home or any power supply and the hub is very easy to remove from your work space and charge.

The SolarHub mains charger therefore is an extremely worthy purchase alongside your SolarHub kit. Do not limit the functionality inside your shed due to the lack of sun light.

The SolarHub mains charger comes with a two year guarantee as standard keeping you covered for longer.

Product Code: BSD19805