Security Alarm Padlock

Security Alarm Padlock

Total Price: £19.99


A lifechanging security device. This superb, strong, tough padlock is the perfect security for your possessions. If you've got a shed or even a tool box you want to keep safe then this security alarm padlock is the one for you.

If tampered with, this lock makes an powerful alarm sound. Should a thief or uninvited person try to break this lock, they will most certainly fail. Even if they have the best lock picking or sawing materials, they will never see the padlocks loud alarm coming, but they will definitely hear it and so will you!

The lock is strong and features a key slot underneath that comes not one key but 3! The perfect lock to protect your valuables and show possible thieves that they shouldn't have messed with this little guardian.

The Securtity Alarm Padlock sounds powerfully for 10 seconds approx.
Product Code: BSD370